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This is my “dumb” watch

Casio Men’s ‘Easy To Read’ Quartz Black Casual Watch*


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casio watch

Key Features
[x] – Telling time
[x] – water resistant
[x] – the battery life lasts a gazillion years

Other features
[x] – Doesn’t have apps
[x] – Can’t receive phone calls
[x] – No voice assistant
[x] – It does one thing really well

I love my Casio watch. It’s less distracting than having a smartwatch and a lot less expensive. I don’t have the obsessive urge to check it every time it vibrates because it doesn’t do that. It tells time incredibly well too. There is no place to plug it in because it doesn’t need recharging. Apparently, the battery lasts a long time.

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  1. Chris

    What is the book you are reading in the picture?

  2. amazing


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