Mindfulness and existentialist writings in an age of anxiety

Take 5

A couple of days ago I came home from work extremely exhausted. I hadn’t slept particularly well the night before and after putting a full days work in, I felt a bit scatterbrained and unfocused. As I walked in the door, I was greeted by my wife and we watched a show together and talked for a bit. I felt myself becoming increasingly more aware of just how tired I was. I seriously needed a break. The show we had just watched didn’t make me feel any more relaxed. I thought about maybe reading a book to settle my mind a bit, but I knew that wouldn’t help either. Maybe playing some video games would do the trick to help me “check out” for a bit. I knew that wouldn’t help either. What I needed was to “check in.”

What could possibly help me feel a bit more grounded and mentally sane after a long day? Meditations of course!

I told my wife that I needed 5 minutes by myself to meditate before I did anything else. It sounds like a small thing, but it helped me to feel a lot better. After going going going all day, It felt nice to take 5 minutes in my day to breathe and be fully present. Knowing what you are feeling on the inside is so important to being mindful. We must give ourselves a break from the constant hustle and bustle if we are to stay sane and emotionally healthy. So why not try carving out 5 minutes in your day to sit in stillness? Five minutes is all you need to be fully present.

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