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One lifetime is enough

One lifetime is enough

Grant it, one lifetime may not be long enough to do everything, but it’s enough to do many things.

Think about the people you look up to in your life, be it your parents, a friend or some historical figure. Chances are that person has done various things throughout their lives.

I believe it is essential to reflect on our lives and think about the direction we would like to move while remaining open to all the possibilities that life presents us.

What purpose do our lives serve and what do we want to accomplish? I know for me I want to live a compassionate, joyful, authentic and service filled life. I want to continue to ask the deeper questions of life even as I accept I do not and will not know all the answers.

I do this every day in small and intentional ways. One such way in which I try to live a compassion-filled life is by trying not to judge everything that comes my way. This is what the Buddhists call non-duality. Every day I strive to encounter the world not as a series of dual modes, up vs down, right vs wrong, good vs evil, etc. Instead, I choose to see the world as an infinite series of possibilities.

I believe that this one life is enough to embark on a life long journey of growth and self-discovery. I hope that throughout this incredible journey I can become more in tune with the world and more present to those around me. I believe one lifetime is enough to live fully.

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  1. Man O' The Fens

    One lifetime .. you could be right! As I get older (and all of us do), my view of Life After Death changes, even assuming there is such a thing. As a Pagan I believe there’s /something/, but I’m not sure what…

    I look back at what I’ve achieved in this life and on the whole I am satisfied, but, there’s always room for improvement. However, if I’m granted another session after this one, who’s to say that I’ll do it any better? If I didn’t, then it would have been a wasted opportunity. If I did, then wouldn’t that mean the whole what-if cycle would start again. No, I think once is enough!

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