Mindfulness and existentialist writings in an age of anxiety

No Regrets.

I don’t regret the things I’ve done. They’ve made me who I am. For what is regret even, except living in the past. I’ve vowed to live in the present, this moment right now.

What I am now is the culmination of all my past actions. Every decision I’ve made has propelled me to this very moment. Why live in regret then?

If I could go back and alter the course of my life, there’s no telling who I’d be. What would I have learned from circumventing the necessary failures of my life? How could I ever be better?

So too, like regret, I cast off shame as well. How is it helping me right the course of my life? Pain and sorrow I hold to my chest, however. For these are things that come and go from time to time. They are lived in the present moment, but regret and shame always reference and causes one to obsess about the past.

The past is what it is. The past. It is decided and fixed and futile to me. Let it be a learning tool for my spirit. And then let it be dead to me, let it fade away. For once I have learned the things that help me, the past is of no use to me. No regrets.

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