More for what?

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We live in a culture of “more”. We want more of everything. More money. More power. More friends. More… The list goes on and on.

Do you really think if you had more of this or that you would be happier?

The truth is that having more only brings us happiness up to a point.

For example, If you are starving and you are given more food, your happiness and quality of life will be greatly increased. However, if you already have enough food then what do you need more for? I promise you, the quality of your life and the happiness you experience won’t be much greater.

I struggle with this in my own life on the daily. I think to myself, Landon if you only made a little bit more money you could travel somewhere awesome. If you only had 3 more hours in the day you could really enjoy your downtime. If you only had more this or that your life would be so different.

The truth is the quest for more seldom brings happiness.

As a kid, I would obsess over each new toy or game that came out. If I just had this Lego set or that action figure I would be so happy. The moment I got what I wanted I was moderately happier, but I realized I wasn’t as happy as I thought I’d be. The worst part is that I would find myself wanting something else. This is an endless cycle that never ends until we realize that aside from our basic needs, having more won’t make us that much happier.

Deep down we all know this is true and yet we continue to search for something to fill the void inside of us all.

So I say to you be grateful! You, my friend, have enough. Don’t go looking far and wide for bigger and better things.

Instead, practice being mindful of what you do have. Are you taking full advantage of the gifts you’ve been given?

You say you want more friends, but what about the friends you already do have. Have you told them how much you care for them? Have you called them up to check on them lately? Have you been mindful of the joys and pains in their lives? Have you yourself been a good friend?

You have enough friends.

What about money? You say you want more, but what are you spending it on. How much do you really need? What needless thing did you buy last year that is sitting in your closet at this very moment? What really expensive dress or watch did you just recently buy? Was it worth the price? Did it make you happy?

Maybe you don’t need more money, but more mindfulness about how you use the money you do have. I’m speaking to myself here and it hurts.

Let go of more, more and more.

Instead, live a simple life. Find joy in the little moments. Realize you have enough. Believe you are enough. Spend time and invest in those people that you love. Realize you won’t live forever. Be willing to let go of the desire for more. You’ve been given life itself. What more could you ever want?

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