Mindfulness Economy – Doing good while making an income

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*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from this link. This helps me offset the cost of my blog. Be mindful before you click on any links and ask yourself, “Will this purchase add value to my life”?

You may be thinking, is this the “you economy” or “gig economy”? Well, sort of…I have my own list of criteria which I’ll share later. You may see some overlap.

The mindfulness economy is a phenomenon that I have been seeing all around the web. The concept is simple. Everyday people can earn an honest profit by doing things that are thoughtful, kind, and non-exploitative.

Take this blog, for example. I started this blog for 2 main reasons.

  • I wanted to blog about mindfulness and help those who may be struggling with living a meaningful life or have an interest in living a compassionate, reflective and mindful lifestyle.
  • Secondly, I wanted to make an honest profit without exploiting people or using manipulation tactics to drive sales

I know there are people out there who care about what I have to say and who are willing to invest in me and/or the products I promote. They do this by making purchases by clicking through affiliate links, commenting, giving me feedback, and subscribing to my blog’s newsletter. To be honest, I’m not getting rich or anything, but I have begun to see a couple dollars trickle in and it’s exciting. It’s exciting because I’m doing what I love, sharing my ideas and making a little bit to support myself in the process.

My service and the service of many others in the mindfulness economy is thoughtfulness and authenticity. Those of us who are part of this movement are not only looking to make a profit to sustain ourselves and our families, but we are also looking to uplift and help others in the process.

We live in an age where many people are tired of the status quo and want to work on something that makes them feel fulfilled and that they enjoy doing.

These are the people who are tired of meaningless work and are asking themselves whether they can produce something meaningful and make a living at the same time.

Here are three examples of people and organizations who exhibit the traits of the mindfulness economy:

Brain Pickings.com created by Maria Popova. – Maria creates well-curated and thoughtful posts about the books she reads. Honestly, she probably gives book review sites like goodreads.com a run for their money. The passion and love of her craft can be plainly seen through her writing. I highly recommend checking out her blog.

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from this link. This helps me offset the cost of my blog. Be mindful before you click on any links and ask yourself, “Will this purchase add value to my life”?

Tim.blog created by Tim Ferris. – Tim is a blogger, podcaster and author I follow. Tim is a life long learner with a genuine curiosity about life that is contagious. In his podcast The Tim Ferris Show he interviews what he calls “World-Class Performers” in every profession and breaks down the tips, tricks and mindsets that make these people successful. I highly recommend his book The 4-hour workweek for those who are looking to redefine work and escape the 9 to 5.

Holstee.com  – This site has the tag line “Inspiration and tools to help you live mindfully” and they are the creators of the Holstee Manifesto which you can check out below. They are a great example of how to make a profit while doing something meaningful.

Some may argue that this isn’t new at all. Bloggers and internet marketer types exposing their personal beliefs and life missions are an old thing.

Frankly, I would mostly agree with that statement. However, when I think about defining my idea of a mindfulness economy, I think of people who really have something to say or some intellectual, emotional or even spiritual value to add to peoples lives.

Creating a store that sells red baseball caps online for merely profits sake is not what I’m talking about.

The blogs, Instagrams, businesses, creative ventures I am talking about are the ones that not only make money but are also help add value to the lives of average everyday people.

My core tenants for this idea of a mindfulness economy are as follows:

  • Make money in a non-exploitative way by adding value to peoples lives beyond merely creating a product for consumption.
  • Support or promote a meaningful and authentic cause, idea or message.
  • Create a mindful product, curate thoughtful ideas or generate reflective content generation.
  • Find enjoyment out of whatever venture you pursue.

To sum this all up in one sentence, I would say the mindfulness economy is this: Helping others and making a profit while enjoying doing so.

The mindfulness economy is not:

  • Making a profit and being miserable.
  • Making a profit but not helping others.
  • Enjoying what you do but not making a profit.
  • Exploiting people to make a profit through manipulations.

Do you feel like you want to be apart of this mindfulness economy? Join in!

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(*Hint, this is how you too can make money in the mindfulness economy through honest non-sleazy or exploitative sales)

Create something that you believe in that you think others find valuable. I’d love to hear about it if you do!

Welcome to the mindfulness economy!

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