Mindfulness and existentialist writings in an age of anxiety

I want to be human again.

This is what I want. To unplug from an endless stream of emails, ads and news streams.

I wish to feel more human. The endless stream of pop-ups, ads, notifications and email spam messages keep telling me that I’m a consumer, a robot, a means to an end. I want to feel human again.

I want to have real connections with real people. (I do, I just want more of it) I dream of technology designed for a new age. I dream of technology designed to lower depression and anxiety. I hope for devices (like the Fitbit) that will empower us to get out, exercise and lead full and abundant lives. I want a facebook that notifies me when my online activities borderline addictive behavior.

This isn’t just a dream for me but something I actively pursue…to be human again. By not checking my phone when I’m with people, by not using Spotify as a way to block awkward social interaction and by fasting from the internet, social media, and cell phone usage from time to time.

In these ways and more I will become human again. I will regain a sense of that which I feel I am loosing. I want to be human again.

(originally posted on my facebook page)

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