Gratitude Meditation

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Take a deep breath.

Relax your body. Allow it to loosen up. Feel the tension leaving your shoulders as you loosen them. Allow your body to relax as you find a comfortable position to sit or lie down in.

Inhale once more. Recognize that the very act of breathing is a gift

Today is another day, another gift. You did nothing to be here today, you simply woke up and found yourself conscious of another day.

There are so many opportunities that this day brings. Become aware all that has kept you alive up till this moment. Reflect on the last meal you had. That meal provided the energy for you to be here now. Be grateful for that meal. Be thankful for those who put effort into allowing that meal to be consumed by you. Think of the farmers, bakers, or other preparers of your meal.

How wonderful it is to have food for the nourishment of our bodies.

What has allowed you to be here and in this moment?

Our parents, teachers, friends, and family have all contributed to us being who we are. All those who have listened to us and guided us have helped us to live as we do now.

Thank those who have cared for you silently in your heart at this moment.

Say to them ‘I thank you for contributing to the person I have become today.’

So much effort and love and goodwill have been put into us. So many serendipitous things that we could never control have allowed us to be here in this moment.

The very act of your birth was a gift both to you and the world.

No one says to themselves I want to exist and be here in this present moment because we simply are. Life gave freely so that we can be alive.

This moment you have now to breath and be still is nothing less than an extraordinary phenomenon of joy.

And this phenomenon of life, this extraordinary gift continues to unfold to us. Each day brings newness every day as it continues to unfold.

Become aware of the things in your life now that have brought you joy and have made you happy for being alive, be it a person, place, or thing.

Resurrect in your mind at this moment one memory of that person, place, or thing that you appreciate.

Hold this in your heart and mind and remember that this was just one moment of many in which you were grateful. How much more will life reveal to us these moments of pure wonder as we continue on our journey?

Inhale once again and remember that today is a gift.

That is why it is called the present.

Peace be with you, I wish upon you a million beautiful moments filled with beauty and wonder.

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