Mindfulness and existentialist writings in an age of anxiety

Anger…it’s a mystery

I have never been an angry person, and I still don’t consider myself one.

And yet, sometimes I find myself becoming angry

One response that helps keep me from festering in my anger is to remove myself from the anger-inducing situation.

Sometimes, I’ll go for a long walk. A little fresh air and a change of scenery can work wonders.

Mindful walking prevents me from getting too into my head. It helps me to calm down and tune into my senses. It’s hard to be angry when there is a beautiful sunset right in front of you or when you feel the gentle breeze dance on your skin.

I reflect upon my anger and I stare at it as though it is some foreign object.

As I observe this foreign anger, I realize that it is pretty powerless. I choose not to identify with it anymore. It no longer possesses a seat in my heart.

The anger that was once a raging fire has weakened and is but a flickering flame on a humid evening.

I feel peaceful and content as I stare at the flame. This tiny flicker started such a great fire and now it is simply this. I take a deep and restorative breath of air and blow the flame out.

And so it goes, my anger like a tiny flame, gently and quietly it goes.

And here I remain, in peace once again, happy and wondering what I was even angry about in the first place…it’s a mystery.

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